11 Free Mother’s Day Coloring Cards To Brighten Mom’s Day!

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Get these super cute Mother’s Day coloring cards to send colorful hugs to moms! Calling for all wonderful sons, daughters, and crafty souls out there! With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get creative. 

Forget about the store-bought cards – we’ve got something special for Mom this year! Dive into our collection of 11 free Mother’s Day coloring cards that are adorable and filled with creativity and colorful love. 

Everyone can add a personal touch to these printable cards to make Mom’s day extra bright and cheery. So, grab your favorite coloring tools, and let’s spread some joy and color together for the unique mom in our lives!

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More Printables:

 Mother's Day Coloring Cards pin
Mother’s Day Coloring Cards pin

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Why is a coloring card a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Personal Touch: Handmade gifts are always cherished, and coloring cards allow you to add a personal touch. Mom will appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness that goes into creating something special just for her.

Creative Expression: Coloring is relaxing and a fun way to express creativity. It’s a perfect activity for kids and adults to enjoy together while creating something beautiful for Mom.

Customization: With coloring cards, you can customize the designs according to Mom’s preferences or creativity. You can choose colors, add decorations, or even write personalized messages to make each card unique.

Meaningful Gesture: Making something by hand shows thoughtfulness and love. Creating a coloring card for Mom demonstrates your appreciation and gratitude for all she does.

Mother's Day Coloring Card Set
Mother’s Day Coloring Card Set
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Mother’s Day Coloring Cards Designs:

  1. The Best Mom Coloring Cards: 

This beautiful Mother’s Day coloring card features a bear holding a heart and gifts with the best mom trophy; on the other side is an illustration of the mother holding a baby. Which represents the most incredible love Mom has given us.

The Best Mom Coloring Cards-bear and dear
The Best Mom Coloring Cards-bear and dear

The Best Mom Coloring Cards 

  1. Happy Mother’s Day with Panda’s mom 

This Free Mother’s Day coloring card features the words “Thank you for making every day brighter” and the mother holding the daughter on both sides of the card.

Happy Mother’s Day with Panda's mom 
Happy Mother’s Day with Panda's mom 

Happy Mother’s Day with Panda’s mom 

  1. Mama Bear and Me Mother’s Day coloring card

This super cute card features the words “Best mom ever” and a mama bear playing with a baby bear. Mom has given us everything from food to love to care, and we appreciate the love that Mom has given us each day.

Mama Bear and Me-bear and dear
Mama Bear and Me

Mama Bear and Me Mother’s Day coloring card

  1. Floral Mother’s Day Card

If your mom is a flower lover, this card is perfect for her. The beautiful flowers showcase the mom’s tender love and care.

Floral Mother’s Day Card-bearanddear

Floral Mother’s Day Card

  1. Heart Bear Mother’s Day Card
Heart Bear Mother’s Day Card-bearanddear

Heart Bear Mother’s Day Card

  1. Mom is Home

This beautiful piece of  Free Mother’s Day coloring card features a fun moment sitting next to mom and saying, “Home is where mom is.” On the other hand, the mom holds both a daughter and a son and carries them with the family daily.

Mom is Home-bearanddear

Mom is Home

  1. Mama Cat and Me

This coloring card features a Mama cat and a baby cat, with “The heart of our family” written on it.

Mama Cat and Me-bearanddear
Mama Cat and Me

Mama Cat and Me

  1. Greenery Mother’s Day Coloring Card

The Greenery Mother’s Day Coloring card has a leave frame design, with the mother holding the child; on the coloring side, the mama bear is hugging the baby bear.

Greenery Mother’s Day Coloring Card

Greenery Mother’s Day Coloring

  1. Mom: My Forever Best Friend Card
Mom: My Forever Best Friend

Mom: My Forever Best Friend

  1. Flower Heart Mother’s Day Card
Flower Heart Mother’s Day Card
Flower Heart Mother’s Day Card

Flower Heart Mother’s Day Card

  1. Koala Mom-Mother’s Day Card
Koala Mom

Koala Mom-Mother’s Day Card

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What Is The Best Supply To Print Coloring Cards Using A Home Printer?

Tools Needed:

Recommend Printer:

HP printer

Of course, printing requires a printer, and I use HP Inc. Pro M182nw Wireless All-in-One Laser Printer; it handles everything I can do with it. It’s fast, and the color and monochrome come out so beautifully.

These coloring pages are all in one PDF. Print them on A4/US letter-size cardstock. Moreover, it is suggested that you print on cardstock or specialty paper.

Recommend Coloring Supply:

Color Marker

color marker for coloring page

The Prismacolor Technique Double-Ended Art Markers are truly impressive in terms of quality. The colors are vibrant and enjoyable to work with, and the markers are conveniently double-sided, with a fine tip on one end and a wider one on the other. Moreover, the markers’ tight-fitting caps ensure they won’t dry out, making them even more desirable.

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Color Pencils:

color pencil for coloring page

If you are a coloring enthusiast and prefer soft and creamy pencils, you absolutely MUST order the Castle Art Supplies 72 Colored Pencils Set! I am blown away by their rich saturation and excellent blending capabilities. I tested them with a blender pencil, marker, and mineral spirits, and all worked beautifully.

And most of all, the price tags are unbeatable. The rich coloring pencil is cheaper than many high-end coloring pencils but carries the same high quality.

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<How To Print>

  • Open the pdf, edit if needed, Click printer, Click on “More setting” for print mode, Ensure the Paper size is “A4“, and Scale (%) is selected “Fit printable area.” The orientation is set as “Horizontal.” You can scale the paper based on your liking and then print it. 
  • Or Open the pdf, edit if needed, Click printer, and Click on “More setting” for print mode; ensure the Paper size is “A4” or “US Letter” and the Scale (%) is 92%-98%. The orientation is set as “Horizontal.” Then Print.

<How To Use>

After printing, you can fold the card in half, follow the center guideline, and start coloring. After coloring the card, you can also write what you want to say inside the card.

How Do You Download the Free Mother’s Day coloring card Printables?

  1. You can download the coloring card individually by clicking under the coloring card link on each card.
  2. Or, to download the Full set in pdf—-—Free Mother’s Day coloring card set—input your email below.

In Conclusion:

So, there you have it! Using free coloring cards to celebrate Mother’s Day is a cute idea and a sweet way to make Mother’s Day extra special. Whether you’re a coloring pro or just love to doodle, these DIY cards will surely make her smile.

So, grab those markers, get creative, and show Mom some love in the most colorful way possible. After all, it’s the thought and effort that counts the most. Happy coloring and Happy Mother’s Day to all the fantastic moms out there!

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